An AMA with Habbo NFT project founder Muumiopappa

4 min readAug 11, 2022

Hello everyone! KJ here.

Earlier this week (August 8th) Muumiopappa held a Discord AMA to catch up with the community. The answers he gave were particularly useful so I thought I’d put them into a blog to make them easy to access and share. Below you can find answers to some of the key questions the community asked:


Will Habbo X launch in 2022?

  • Nothing is ever certain. Currently it’s looking good and we should be on schedule.

What will happen to all other hotels once Habbo X launches?

  • They will be there. Hopefully Habbo X becomes such a big success it draws people to all the classic hotels as well!

Are Gen2 avatars still happening in Q4?:

  • We’re 99.9% sure that we aren’t going to do Gen2 this year. As well as listening to the community voicing their concerns, we wanted to get the v1 of Habbo X out before we do Gen2.

Why was trait editing pushed to Q1 2023?:

  • The team is fully focused on Habbo X as that’s our number one priority. Trait editing is simply a lower priority so it has been pushed back a bit. Basically the timing of everything depends on Habbo X and its release.

Collabs with other projects:

  • Our Partnership Manager, Hajautus, is actively looking for collabs and currently in discussions with other projects. We have some in the pipeline and we are always looking for more. It takes time to get a collaboration from initial discussions to release — the previous ones have taken about three to four months. This timeframe may shorten once we have more experience with the flow.

Azerion ecosystem mints:

  • The goal is to give some benefits to Habbo NFT owners if/when Azerion has mints or is partnering up with others to drop NFTs. As we are in a bear market, it’s difficult to say when and what these will be but hopefully there will be some news on this later in the year.

News on the ERC-20 token:

  • We are working on the economy design which is complex but really important to figure out. We are also waiting on the go ahead from legal. So, overall, the goal is to release this eventually but we have no timetable yet.


How will rewards work?:

  • This is part of the economy design of Habbo X. We will release this later on (either this quarter or next).

Will the new hotel run on Unity? There’s been many bugs/issues with Unity:

  • Unity is the client we will use for Habbo X. There’s a team of Unity developers who are working on improving the Unity client. We agree these bugs need to be fixed, especially when considering how we are aiming to have Habbo X running for many years to come.

Will players have access to the builders club just like players on the legacy hotels?

  • The plan is to have a type of “BC on steroids”. However, you will need to own a room/Habbo Avatar to be able to really build in Habbo X.

Transferring clothes from wallet to wallet:

  • We need to pick this up again with TokenTrove as we were planning on adding the collection there. Another option is to add that feature to our own website.

News on “interoperability” with the purchase of land in other projects:

  • We are working with each individual partner and we are making progress with many of them. We can’t give a timeline yet as, in most cases, it depends on the partner (and you may have noticed many projects aren’t even out yet). Despite that, hopefully we have something to share with you soon.

News on further utility for Portraits:

  • When we released Portraits we said that we weren’t planning on giving them any utility. However, we decided to give them utility through airdrops and NFT credits. We are now thinking of ways to offer them some utility in Habbo X but it will not be the same utility as with Habbo Avatars. We don’t want to make the Portraits “too powerful” when compared to Avatars as the Avatars are our main collection. In addition, developing features around Portraits is a lower priority than getting Habbo X out and running and adding utility to Avatars. When we have more information about this topic, we will share that. The same goes for wearing Portraits in Habbo X (still not 100% certain.)

Can we have a gender toggle in-game for all NFTs?:

  • This is a good proposal. We will look into whether this is possible (removing the gender from the NFT traits as well and just have it toggle-able in the game) and come back to you if it is feasible.

Minting stuff from your inventory:

  • We don’t have a timetable for this yet as the team is fully focused on getting the Habbo X alpha out. Originally we were aiming for a Q4 release but we need to get the alpha out before we can start really working on this.

Will all existing furni be available to mint?

  • No. We don’t have the rights to mint everything. We will choose the items that are mintable.

Will it be possible to trade furni in-game?

  • That’s a feature that might happen but not anytime soon. We need to focus on other things first.