Building the Habbo X ecosystem

5 min readMay 19, 2023


Hey all 👋

You might have seen that we recently published a visual guide to where we hope to go with Habbo as a product, including the Habbo X and web3 stuff we’re doing. The graphic represents the vision of what we want to achieve and it should provide some clarity about what we’re building for the community. We hope you’re as excited as we are for what the future holds for Habbo!

Going forward, Habbo X and Habbo NFTs will be considered to be an integral part of the whole Habbo ecosystem. What this means is that the Habbo team will find synergies and concentrate on features that benefit both sides of Habbo: web2 and web3. However, as Habbo X is still in its early stages there will be features developed on the Habbo X side that only impact Habbo X.

In the big picture, Habbo X will be more of an adult version of the original game and it will be used more for experimentation. Last Fall I went through the roadmap for Habbo X. The team has been working on the features we set out to implement then and things are coming along nicely.

We started the Habbo NFT project as an experiment. I have been preaching that web3 will be the future of gaming. Ownership of digital assets was and will be the backbone of Habbo X. Last year, we focused first on Habbo blockchain integrations so the NFT items you own can be used in OG Habbo. We started working on the core components of Habbo X and then moved on to Habbo X rooms and room building improvements.

Ownership of in-game items you buy and earn is the key to Web3. In addition, the ownership of what you build is the key concept in Habbo X making Habbo X rooms the backbone of the game. The team has been building key features around room building and we have recently released most of them and keep working on others: UX improvements, room upgrading, room owner rewards, furni factories and the Habbo X navigator. As we are close to being ready with this stage of development, part of the team has started to move to the next stage: rewarding mechanisms and onboarding.

There were several things in the vision for Habbo graphic that I want to explain in a bit more detail:

  1. Habbo Collectibles
  2. Habbo Passport
  3. Habbo X Progression System
  4. Habbo X Guest Pass

1. Habbo Collectibles

Over the past 18 months or so, it’s become clear that the word NFTs and the associated jargon doesn’t help with onboarding and communicating with our community, or potential new players who are not familiar with the technology. It’s for this reason that we want to rebrand the project away from “Habbo NFT” and to something more fitting and easier to understand: “Habbo Collectibles”.

Rebranding will be a gradual process and involves implementing and changing many different aspects of our website and social media/communications strategy. It also goes hand in hand with the Habbo Passport and the Habbo X Guest Pass (see below for more information about these).

However, Habbo Collectibles won’t be just about rebranding — we want to fully lean into the collecting aspect of Habbo. We want to incentivise collecting: through collection rewards and a “Habbo Collector Score” that indicates not just your collector level but also your Habbo X level.

The idea will be to complete full collections like the “Forged” line, as this will provide a significant boost to your score and level. By holding onto these full collections, you’ll be able to earn rewards. However, if you sell items and break up full collections, you’ll lose points. Other items, such as genesis Habbo Avatars, Crafted Avatars, Habbo X rooms, and Habbo Portraits will also provide points. Owning collectibles from multiple collections will provide an even greater boost!

2. Habbo Passport

We want to make buying, owning, and selling Habbo Collectibles much easier for the Habbo community.

Giving ALL Habbo players the ability to create a wallet that can hold our items with just their email address or, for example, their Google Account, should help to make the overall experience much more seamless.

Then, currently, the only way to buy NFT Shop items is with NFT Credits (NFTC) or Ether (ETH). Our aim is to give Habbo Passport users the ability to buy Habbo Collectibles from Immutable X’s marketplace with just a credit or debit card.

We know that Web3 is hard and our goal is to make it easier!

3. Habbo X Guest Pass

While Habbo X is still very much in its early Alpha stage and is currently only open to people with Habbo Avatars and Habbo X rooms, we gradually want to open this up to more people from the Habbo community.

To ensure we keep it reasonably limited and to mitigate bot activity, we’ll only be giving out a limited number of free passes — there will be an opportunity to get more premium versions of these passes which will come with their own exclusive perks and items 👀

In short, the goal is to start increasing the size of the Habbo X player base.

4. Habbo X Progression System

In addition to focusing on the collecting aspect of Habbo that is so popular within the community, we’re also really keen to bring meaningful “earning” mechanics to Habbo. Achievements within Habbo are super popular, so we want to bring a similar feature to Habbo X. However, as well as being able to earn badges, we’re also planning to provide exclusive items you can earn from completing certain activities inside the game! For example, completing an achievement will give you a random item from an achievement-exclusive collection. This, in combination with Habbo Collectibles aims to add the first core loops to the Habbo X experience.