Habbo Avatar trait editing

Summary of changes to the original proposal (a TL:DR)

  • We’re introducing way more new traits than we originally planned to (20 new ones in total), and even avatars with Basic H effects will get access to some of these new traits.
  • We’re introducing a new effect for crafted avatars, but you’ll still be able to choose from either of two effects the two original avatars had.
  • You’ll be able to remove some traits entirely.
  • The feature will remain open and in use indefinitely.
  • We’re increasing the price to use the trait editing feature from 1k NFTC to 5k NFTC (this will be heavily influenced by feedback from the community, see below).
  • You’ll be able to reverse it to get the two original avatars back (this will also cost 5k NFTC and gas, neither of which will be refundable).

How it’ll work

  • The ONLY place you can use the trait editing feature to both create and revert crafted avatars is https://nft.habbo.com/traits/editor. It may sound obvious, but don’t try and send crafted avatars to the burn wallet to get your original two back — this will not work and you’ll lose the avatar.
  • You won’t be able to remove the following traits from your avatars: gender, hues, complexion, face, shirt, pants, shoes, effect.
  • After the feature is fully released, minting is open and the new avatar collection is live, we don’t intend to close it. If we do, we’ll give ample warning before doing so.
  • You’ll be able to use our website to reverse the process and get back your two original avatars if you want, but it’ll cost 5k NFTC as well as gas fees. Note that you won’t keep the avatar you crafted if you reverse the process.
  • The new collection will contain a maximum of 3,500 avatars. If 3,500 are created, no more will be craftable until one is reverted.
  • When Trippy or Ultra Trippy avatars are used in the trait editing feature, they won’t be burned. We decided to do this so that Trippy and Ultra Trippy avatars aren’t removed from the genesis Habbo Avatars collection.

The new traits

  • We’re going to allow considerably more of the new traits to be used per avatar
  • ALL newly crafted avatars will be able to use at least three new traits
  • Also, the extra traits you get from better rarity avatars stack
The extra traits you get from better rarity avatars stack.

Test period and community feedback

You can customise your avatar using the traits it already has and a number of new ones based on which rarity effects each one has. (Note that the test version of this feature won’t have a working mint button.)
  • The NFTC price of using the feature
  • The precise perks that crafted avatars get, including daily NFTC accrual
  • The trait availability for each effect and the traits themselves

Conclusions and more information



Long term vision for the Habbo Avatars project is here: https://habbonft.medium.com/the-habbo-avatars-project-a-long-term-vision-74cc30a754d1

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