Habbo X Genesis Rooms

12 min readDec 12, 2022

Hi all, Muumiopappa here again!

There’s tons of information about genesis Habbo X rooms, so I’ve covered as much of it here as possible.

Some of the plans and details described in this blog post are very likely to change as we may come up with new ideas and features (related to both Habbo X and rooms) that affect our long term plans.

The web3 space moves fast and what might have worked two months ago won’t work six months from now. If you look at the past year, we could not have predicted all (or honestly even most) of the things we’ve done.

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Habbo X is a new game from the creators of Habbo Hotel. It’s based on the same technology and has the same look-and-feel as Habbo. However, with the emergence of web3 and blockchain technology, Habbo X will take advantage of the opportunities that digital ownership and tokenomics can provide, with a focus on user-generated content and rewarding our most active and dedicated players.

Habbo X will be a platform where anyone can create fun experiences and bring their communities together. It’ll be a place where you can interact not just with the communities you are in, but with other communities as well. Habbo X will also be a place in which the items you either buy, earn or win are yours to keep.


Web2 is all about microtransactions. You spend $1, $10 or even $1,000 to buy the items you want, but you don’t own those items. You are effectively just renting them. web3, however, is all about ownership: when you buy an item that is an NFT, it’s not stored on a centralized server. This means you own it and can therefore sell it.

Land in Habbo X, at least in the beginning, will take the form of rooms located in a huge hotel. Importantly, Habbo X rooms are NFTs. This means you own them. Don’t like the game and want to quit? You can sell all of the items in your inventory, including your room, and hopefully make some of the money back.

Rooms in Habbo X are the cornerstone of the creator experience. While in Habbo as it exists currently, you need to buy the items and you get the room for free, in Habbo X you buy the room and get a huge selection of items for free. We want to ensure that you’re able to create engaging experiences if you own a room. Whether you want to create a winter wonderland, a fun game or a cyberpunk themed street, we’ve got you covered 💪

The Habbo X world

While to start with, the focal point of Habbo X will be the big hotel building you’ve seen in all of our marketing material (check this blog’s header image and our Twitter page), eventually, Habbo X will evolve into something much bigger.

The goal is to start building a vibrant, far-reaching world that contains many different areas. Think wilderness, cities, and even space stations! We plan to start creating and opening new locations in 2024.

Our current thinking is that all rooms sold in 2023 will be located in the Habbo X hotel. We plan to cap the number of rooms in the Habbo X hotel to 23,200: 11,600 Habbo Avatar rooms and 11,600 Habbo X rooms, out of which 1,300 rooms will be genesis rooms. Please note that these numbers may change.

Genesis rooms

In December 2022 1,300 genesis Habbo X rooms were minted. This was the only chance to mint genesis rooms.

Room types and sizes

The area in Habbo where you can build and walk in is divided into tiles. This is also true in Habbo X. Therefore, we count the size of a room in tiles: the bigger the room you own, the more tiles you can place in your room (and, consequently, more items you can fit there!)

Rooms come in five different types:

From left to right:

  • Regular room (S) — 75 tiles.
  • Studio room (M) — 180 tiles.
  • Junior suite (L) — 400 tiles.
  • Executive suite (XL) — 900 tiles.
  • Presidential suite (XXL) — 2000 tiles.

ALL Habbo X players will have access to a demo room that is more limited in its features and that isn’t an NFT. The demo room is capped at 35 tiles (see below image).

As well as having more room to build in, the bigger rooms also earn more base NFT credits and have a higher ceiling on the NFTC gains. We also aim to give bigger rooms more space on the world/hotel map. This will mean your room’s icon will be more visible to people browsing the map.

An example of a demo room!

The tiles indicate the maximum size of the room of the given type. You don’t have to use all the tiles available and you can edit the layout very easily with our floorplan editor. You can go nuts and create any type of layout with multiple floors, and you can even remove parts of the floor in the middle of rooms.

Each room comes pre-decorated. You can use that as the starting point or remove all furniture (use command :ejectall) and start from scratch. Don’t worry if you make a mistake — there’s a reset button you can use to revert back to the original design.

We already have fantastic tools for building and our plan is to improve them to provide the best possible building tools in the Web3 space.

In addition, if you sell your room the design is kept — minus the NFT furni you have used. All NFT furni is picked up and placed in your inventory, but the free furni stays where it is.


What makes holding a genesis room special:

  • Get access to Habbo X during every Alpha and Beta phase we run.
  • You will get access to exclusive Furni Factory items (more about this below)
  • Your room will be located in a premium location within the hotel (as the world map and the hotel map are still being developed we cannot guarantee this).

In addition to the overall utility of owning a genesis room in Habbo X’s hotel you’ll also:

  • Be guaranteed to have ALL free items unlocked that are currently available and available in Habbo X in the future (this will be particularly relevant when we start opening new locations).
  • Have access to the largest back catalog of items in the web3 space.
  • The ability to monetize your rooms by charging and awarding NFT credits to people that participate in activities and games you host (coming soon).
  • The ability to create fun and exciting experiences in Habbo X.

What do all of these various forms of utility mean? I will go through them one by one below.

Room upgrading

In most cases, when you purchase a piece of virtual land you’re stuck with the size you bought. You might be able to purchase other bits of land and increase the total amount of space you have that way, but the original bit of land usually can’t be upgraded. In Habbo X, we’re taking another approach: you can upgrade the room you own by using NFT credits. You can start with a Regular Room and work your way up to the Presidential Suite.

Each room type has five levels. When you mint a room you start from level 1 (e.g., Regular Room 1). You can upgrade your room level by level: Regular Room 1 to Regular Room 2, all the way up until Regular Room 5. When you upgrade Regular Room 5 it progresses to the next type of room. In this case that’d be a Studio Room. See the different types of rooms here.

When you upgrade from one room type to another, you get the perks of the new room type. Upgrading from one level to another within the same room type gives you more tiles to work with when decorating your room. When upgrading to another new room type (e.g. Junior Suite to Executive suite), you’ll also get other perks such as a higher NFT credit earn rate.

Room upgrading is designed to be one of the main NFT credit (NFTC) sinks in the ecosystem. Below are the current estimates of how much it’ll cost to upgrade your room type and size. Please note that these prices are likely to change as we move closer to the launch of the room upgrading feature. This is because we need to consider total NFTC balances and the cost of NFTC at that point in time.

One important thing to highlight here is that Presidential Suites are also upgradable beyond their original state. You can buy a level 1 Presidential Suite and then upgrade it to level 5 and get a room with 4,000 tiles. That’s a HUGE amount of space to build in!

From a game design perspective, room upgrading is a feature that gives players a long term goal they want to achieve. It’s something to really strive towards. If this feature is successful, we may introduce it to demo rooms in the future.

Earning mechanics

Habbo X Rooms, including rooms connected to Habbo Avatars, will start to earn NFTC for their owners. The larger the room, the more NFTC you’ll receive each day. The baseline NFTC you’ll earn from your rooms are:

  • Regular Room: 1 NFTC
  • Studio Room: 2 NFTC
  • Junior Suite: 3 NFTC
  • Executive Suite: 5 NFTC
  • Presidential Suite: 8 NFTC
  • Presidential Suite Level 5: 15 NFTC

At the same time as rooms start earning the baseline credits detailed above, we’ll also be introducing a more advanced rewarding feature that will allow your room to earn additional NFTC based on the room’s activity.

(Please note: the below numbers have not been balanced yet so take these more as a vision than the final numbers.)

  • Having at least 3 visitors that day: +50% (S: +1, M: +1, L: +2, XL: +3, XXL: +4, XXL5: +8)
  • Having at least 10 visitors that day (added to previous): +50% (S: +1, M: +1, L: +2, XL: +3, XXL: +4, XXL5: +8)
  • Having at least 600 minutes of total visitor time in the room that day: +100% (S: +1, M: +2, L: +3, XL: +5, XXL: +8, XXL5: +15)

We may add more but there will be a cap on how much NFTC you can earn each day. We’ll experiment at first, and may end up changing them completely based on the outcome.

This will lead to the following maximum rewards per day:

  • Regular Room: 4 NFTC
  • Studio Room: 6 NFTC
  • Junior Suite: 10 NFTC
  • Executive Suite: 16 NFTC
  • Presidential Suite: 24 NFTC
  • Presidential Suite Level 5: 46 NFTC

Even though the maximum earnings for the biggest rooms look big, it’s important to note that to earn 46 NFTC per day, you’ll need to have spent a minimum of 70,000 NFTC (current estimate) and have an extremely busy room.

Currently we’re projecting that genesis Habbo X rooms and rooms connected to Habbo Avatars will accumulate a total of 30,000–35,000 NFTC per day, which is roughly a +20% increase in daily NFTC accumulation.

However, we’re also projecting that the net NFTC balance change will be negative as more credits are spent on upgrading rooms. If we assume that the average room upgrade cost will be around 1,000 NFTC (due to Habbo Avatar owners mainly upgrading from Studio Room 1 to Studio Room 2 and 3) it takes only 30–35 upgrades per day to sink the NFTC that is accumulated due to rooms. The average upgrade cost will keep increasing which will increase the spent on room upgrading in the future.

Furni Factories

In 2023 we’ll introduce a feature for Habbo X rooms we’re calling Furni Factories. This will allow your room to produce brand new and exclusive NFTs for use in Habbo and Habbo X.

For us, rooms are the perfect source of new items, so we’ll add a Furni Factory to each genesis Habbo X room. We understand that room building can be intimidating so Furni Factories will guarantee your room has utility even if you don’t want to go to Habbo X and decorate your room right from the start!

For a detailed guide to how Furni Factories work, check this guide.

Location, location, location

We’ve already mentioned the perk of having your room in the hotel building that will be the focal point of the Habbo X world (see above section: “The Habbo X world”). When we introduce future areas to the Habbo X world, the items available to build in rooms located in those locations will be limited based on the theme. For example, if we introduced a space station-style area, you’d only be able to access space-themed items to build with. To make it interesting, we’d create new furniture items for use in those areas. The point is that rooms in the Habbo X hotel building will have access to ALL items.

The process of designing the hotel map is more time consuming than originally estimated and we’ve had several iterations of the designs already. Our goal is to give genesis Habbo X room holders the best location in the hotel, but what this means is still being discussed internally. Therefore, for the time being we ask you to assume that the main location perk is having your room located in the main hotel building.

Habbo X rooms after December 2022’s genesis release

Genesis rooms are just the start. In 2023 we will be releasing more rooms which are, like genesis rooms, located in the Habbo X hotel building. As mentioned towards the start of this article, in 2024 we’ll start releasing new locations with new themes. What those new locations look like, time will tell.

Having a room in the hotel though will guarantee that you get access to all the future furni lines that are designed for the new locations.

Habbo Avatar rooms

To us, it is important to guarantee that Habbo Avatars will always come with the best perks. We want anyone who is looking to purchase one to be certain they can have a premium experience in Habbo X — this includes exclusive looks and a room they can build in. Therefore, each Habbo Avatar will come with its own Studio Room. These are similar to minted Habbo X rooms as you can upgrade them and you can access the same item library. In essence, they act almost exactly the same as Habbo X Rooms.

The room is included in the avatar via trait. You can see from the trait list in OpenSea the room and the room size each Avatar has (check this article to see what that will look like). What this means is that if you sell your avatar, you also sell your room.

Crafted Genesis Habbo Avatars

Our community asked us to give them the option to change the traits on their avatars, so we came up with a solution to this. You can read the full proposal here, but the idea is that you’ll be able to burn two avatars to create a brand new one, choosing traits from each one.

Importantly, as both original Habbo Avatars have their own rooms, those rooms are transferred to the newly created avatar as they are. I.e. you will not need to upgrade or redo your room’s design or layout.

Habbo X: Long Term Plans

We are about to release the very first version of Habbo X. It is important to note that we are still very early. We will keep improving the game and adding new features. In the first half of 2023 we’ll concentrate on adding missing features: room upgrading and Furni Factories. We’ll also be working on improving builder tools and adding new types of items that enable you to monetise your rooms.

Other important features in our roadmap for next year include in-game marketplace (with trading and renting), improved community communication tools such as community chat, and the world and hotel map navigator.

We have SO MUCH planned for 2023, it’s going to be insane. Believe me!