Introducing the Habbo NFT Community Council

3 min readOct 27, 2022

It’s been just over a year since the Habbo Avatars mint and since then our project has grown significantly. All sorts of integrations have been implemented in web2 Habbo, we’ve celebrated our first birthday, and most recently we ran a pre-alpha for our upcoming game: Habbo X.

As we build Habbo X, more issues and decisions are arising that we feel could benefit from a more direct, community-centric perspective. We’ve heard from our community that they’d like us to be more receptive and engaged in community sentiment. The team is really keen to listen and act on community wishes where possible, and we’re always looking for new ways to facilitate this.

Something some other projects have set up recently, and indeed something that existed in Habbo some time ago, are community councils. As we mentioned in our Discord recently, we’re doing the same for the Habbo NFT project. Recently we did a round of nominations and voting, and the community has elected seven people to represent it on the council.

Council members

  • ERC20 Felix | One of the community’s most outspoken and experienced web3 advocates, Felix is a valuable addition to the council and brings a wealth of knowledge about blockchain tech and the crypto space more generally ⚡️
  • Silymarin | a well-respected member of the Portuguese-speaking Habbo community, we’re super happy to have Silymarin on the council 🇧🇷
  • Knight | Knight is an extremely active and well respected member of the community and is also holds the most avatars. He’s also able to provide thoughtful, measured feedback about the more complex issues we face and is a frequent contributor to the feedback channel in the Discord 🧙‍♂️
  • Live-ale | Another knowledgeable and outspoken member of the community and a true advocate of NFTs in Habbo, Live-ale is an early adopter and responsible for a lot of very valuable feedback provided to the team. As a result, they’re a natural addition to the council, and as a Spanish speaker we’re happy to have them representing that segment of our community! 😎
  • Og | As the person responsible for NFT statistics site, Og is an extremely valuable resource in our community and we’re hyped they were elected 📊
  • Jess | Another active member of of community who provides valuable, mature and constructive criticism is Jess. Really, really cool to see Jess on the council 👾
  • Mamakevin | And last but certainly not least, Mamakevin, aka. Kevin. Like a lot of the other members, this guy is a longstanding member of the Habbo community and is one of the friendliest dudes you’ll meet. Enthusiastic, positive and a big community contributor, he’s an important addition to our council 💪

How the council works

The Habbo NFT Council

The Habbo NFT Council is a group of community members whose main purpose is to advise Habbo NFT staff on certain topics related to the Habbo NFT project. The council is made up of 5–10 members during any given period.

How are Habbo NFT Council members chosen?

Habbo NFT Council members are chosen by the NFT community via a nomination process. This is followed by voting through Discord and you must hold at least one Habbo Avatar or Portrait NFT in order to vote. Habbo NFT staff reserve the right to override nominations outcome in cases where prior behaviour within the Habbo NFT Discord Server, Habbo X or Habbo, or sanctions of suggested members, need to be considered.

How long do members remain on the Habbo NFT Council?

Council members as voted by the community will have a tenure of 4 months. You cannot join the council if you have been a member at any point in the previous 12 months. At the end of each 4-month period, nominations and voting will open to select members for the next period.

Roles and responsibilities

The main role of the Habbo NFT Council is to advise Habbo NFT staff on a wide range of topics related to the NFT project and Habbo X. This may include discussion of new NFT furni or features which could be implemented in Habbo X. Council members may also collate and discuss community feedback with Habbo NFT staff and voice their opinions on these suggestions. The key role is to advise Habbo NFT staff on issues from a player’s perspective, however, overall decision-making ultimately lies with Habbo NFT staff.