Our web3 leap: Habbo Collectibles and the Collectors Guild

8 min readDec 12, 2023


This article was originally published on habbo.com.

Curator Bob is the founder of the Collectors Guild. He’s pictured here standing next to a Collector Cabinet and a pile of Curator Stamps.

It’s been two years since Habbo Avatars were minted. Since then, we’ve released many, many more Habbo NFTs — known as Habbo Collectibles — in a number of different ways. We now have a thriving ecosystem, despite the crypto market.

We’ve brought an enormous amount of utility to players who have purchased collectibles, launched the alpha of a brand new game, and implemented a feature called Collector Cabinets that allows players to convert their existing Habbo items into special collectibles called “Relics”.

We’re now going further in our efforts to onboard the next cohort of Habbo players into the ecosystem. We intend to do this with an additional wallet and a brand new suite of web3-centric features for Habbo that will completely change the game for the collectors in our community.

We’re calling this new set of features the Collectors Guild, founded by a brand new Habbo character called Curator Bob (see above picture) 🏛️🔎

This is not necessarily the final version of the Collection Screen. The left hand side will show all sets we have released on launch.

Collector Wallets

MetaMask wallets have, and will continue to be, an essential component of the Habbo Collectibles ecosystem. However, to make the experience seamless and hassle-free for players who are new to Habbo Collectibles, it’s vital that we introduce a new, less visible wallet: the Collector Wallet.

We’ve partnered with Stardust to provide free Collector Wallets to everyone. You don’t even need to sign up — Collector Wallets are generated for your Habbo account for free while you play and complete certain actions inside Habbo. For example, when you receive a bonus item from a set you’ve completed (see below for more information about this).

Collector Wallets will be needed to engage with various in-game collectibles-related features that we will release over the course of 2024. Here’s the list of features that will require a Collector Wallet:

  1. In-game collectible trading (including web2 — web3 item trades)
  2. The new, collectible-enabled Marketplace
  3. In-game collectible crafting (the same feature we currently have on our website)
  4. Gift box opening (currently done on the Collectibles website in the inventory section of the Collectibles Shop)
  5. Obtaining in-game collectible rewards from various features

Gamifying collecting in Habbo

Collecting items has been a huge part of Habbo ever since it was launched in the early 2000s. Today, there are 18k+ unique items floating about in the economy, and with a very busy release schedule lots of items are added to the economy each month.

When we first introduced the first ever furni collectible in late 2021, not many people owned them. We’ve now released hundreds of thousands of Regular Collectibles like this, and thousands of our players own them.

The Diamond HC Sofa was the first furni collectible we ever released. View them on Immutable’s Marketplace here.

To gamify the collecting experience, as well as introducing Bob a new Habbo character and fleshing out the lore and story behind the Collectors Guild, the feature will have an XP system in which you increase your level by obtaining different types of collectibles — whether they are premium (e.g. Genesis Habbo Avatars, Crafted Avatars, portraits, rooms) or regular (e.g. clothing, furni, pets, etc).

As you can see above, Premium Collectibles give you a significant amount of XP on their own. It is important to note that Regular Collectibles only give the XP once per item. You will get 10 XP regardless if you own 1 item or 100 of the same item.

Collectible Sets and the Collection Screen

Every single item we’ve released as a collectible has been categorised into sets by Curator Bob. Sets are grouped based on the theme of items and when they were released.

All Habbo Collectibles provide you with XP, but full sets of certain Regular Collectibles give you even more. The full set boost is the number of items x total XP. So, as an example. If there are 14 items in the set, and they combine for a total of 666 XP, the final amount of XP you’d get from the set would be 9,324. This is because 14 x 666 = 9,324.

When we release the web version of the Collection Screen, you’ll be able to see all of the sets and their contents on our website. For now, we’ll list them for the keener collectors among you:

  1. Autumn 2023
  2. Badges 2023
  3. Collector Rewards 2022–2023
  4. Community Rewards 2022
  5. Community Rewards 2023
  6. CPU Parts
  7. Ducks 2022–2023
  8. Extras 2022
  9. Extras 2023
  10. Fansites 2023
  11. Forged
  12. Furni Factory: Bliss Rares
  13. Furni Factory: Blufxus Items
  14. Furni Factory: Decorations
  15. Furni Factory: Imperial Items
  16. Furni Factory: Indigo X Items
  17. Furni Factory: Powders
  18. Furni Factory: Rares
  19. Furni Factory: Vaporwave Items
  20. Gift Boxes 2022
  21. Gift Boxes 2023
  22. Habbo Merch 2022
  23. Habbo Partners 2022
  24. Habbo X 2023
  25. Habboween 2022
  26. Habboween 2023
  27. Keychairs
  28. Kryptomon 2023
  29. Limited Editions 2022–2023
  30. NFTC furni
  31. Holo Steampunks
  32. Robots 2023
  33. Rock Stars 2023
  34. Smurfs Society 2023
  35. Spring 2023
  36. Summer 2022
  37. Summer 2023
  38. Summer Craftable Clothes 2023
  39. Trippy Items 2023
  40. UGC 2023
  41. Vintaque
  42. Wall Street
  43. Winter 2023
  44. Xmas 2022 Clothes
  45. Xmas 2022 Deluxe Toys
  46. Xmas 2022 Materials
  47. Xmas 2022 Toys
  48. Xmas 2023 Chocolates
  49. Xmas 2023 Clothes
  50. Xmas 2023 Treats

Note: Relics will also be part of sets, but we have yet to decide how those will work.

Complete sets to get 100% exclusive, bonus items.

Eventually, every single set we’ve listed above will give its owner a brand new, 100% exclusive bonus item, if they hold all of the items from the set at a predetermined date. This will be shown in the Collectors Guild with a timer:

Hold all the items from the set when the Collection Screen timer runs out, and you’ll get an exclusive bonus item.

If you hold all items from the set when the timer runs out, the bonus item will be made available to claim. If you are claiming from the Collection screen on our website, the bonus item will be placed in your MetaMask wallet. If you claim it in-game, it’ll be placed in your Collector Wallet.

It’s very important to understand that you will only complete the set if the full set is in one wallet. It won’t count if the items are split between your MetaMask wallet and your Collector Wallet.

We’ll add the ability to transfer collectibles between your Collector Wallet and your MetaMask wallet later on in 2024.

When we launch the Collectors Guild in January, we’ll be adding a bonus item to the Holo Steampunk set and the Forged set. Our designers are still working on the bonus item for the Holo Steampunk set, but you can see above that the bonus item for the Forged set is the Curator’s Forge 🔥

We’ll add bonus items to all other sets over time, releasing them gradually in the same way we add items to Collector Cabinets.

Higher levels = more Gift Boxes

To reward the higher level collectors, they’ll be given more, and sometimes exclusive Gift Boxes during seasonal events. This will give us the ability to:

  1. Reward players who are new to the ecosystem and don’t own any Premium Collectibles.
  2. Properly reward our higher level collectors with significant rewards. In the past, distributing Gift Boxes based on the number of avatars hasn’t been satisfactory for players with multiple Premium Collectibles. This new distribution mechanic attempts to fix that.

When we introduce more collectible-related features to Habbo in the future, our aim is to give out rewards based on players’ Collector Levels. For example, a high level collector may receive a “legendary” reward, while a low level player receives a “common” one.

Note: we’re not yet sure we’ll have the website version of the Collection Screen ready in time for distribution of the 2023 Xmas Gift Boxes. If we do, we will distribute the boxes based on your Collector Level. How much each level would get will be shared closer to the time 🤫

Our plans for Collector Cabinets

This is not necessarily the final version of the Collector Cabinet screen. Used for illustrative purposes.

So far, we’ve added 20 items to Collector Cabinets, and lots of players in our community have used the feature to convert their items into Relics.

This optional feature offers a considerable advantage for your items. By owning items that we add to Collector Cabinets, you gain the legitimate ability to sell them for real money without the risk of scams or sanctions from our support team. During our beta phase, we observed a marked rise in Marketplace transactions and a boost in the value of credits of items being added to Collector Cabinets. Whether or not you intend to convert your items into Relics, you stand to gain from this heightened demand.

As we release more and more Relics, all nine of our hotels’ economies could experience small, gradual changes — average credit prices of items will adjust as they are added to Collector Cabinets and made convertible to Relics.

In the most extreme cases where item supply and average marketplace prices differ between hotels, we have a “hotel lock” feature to use. When enabled, this feature prevents that particular type of Relic being used on any other hotel apart from Habbo X and the hotel it originated from. However, it’s important that the community understands we would only use this locking feature in extreme circumstances, and on a case by case basis.

Curator Stamps

During the beta, we gave out free stamps to holders of Premium Collectibles. When we launch Collector Cabinets and make them available to the wider Habbo community, they will cost 50 NFTC each.

We’ll also be making them available to purchase in our website Shop. These won’t be available to purchase with credits.

Got questions about the Collectors Guild?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Collectors Guild or any of the features contained with it, Olsoweir will be on hand to answer as many questions as he can on Thursday December 14th at 20:00 UTC in our Discord server.

Make sure to join so you get timely updates about which channel to post your questions in, as well as to get a notification when the AMA begins.