Streets of NFT in Habbo

2 min readJun 2, 2023


On June 5th, the Habbo team, in collaboration with members of the Habbo community, will be organizing an event called “Streets of NFT” in-game. The short story below introduces the main characters and sets the scene for the event. More information about the event will be published on the Habbo website in the build up to the event.

It was a dark night in this pixelated part of the metaverse. While Brick was taking stock in Bar X, he knew things wouldn’t be quiet for long. As the Hotel opened and development expanded, this area would sure be bustling. “If you build it, they will come,” Brick mused as he walked out toward the dumpster with the day’s trash.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light in the sky, and a peculiar spacecraft materialized before him. Bewildered and blinking, Brick stood in awe as two blue and purple alien creatures approached him.

“Take me to your leader,” demanded one of the majestic creatures. “M-muumiopappa is very busy at the moment…b-b-but you can open a ticket to discuss possible collabs,” Brick stammered.

Stepping forward, the other alien sternly proclaimed, “This isn’t about collaboration — this is about control!”

A dazzling light overwhelmed Brick. The next thing he knew, he was coming to his senses in the alley behind the hotel. Seeing no sign of the mysterious aliens or their spacecraft, Brick rushed back into the hotel and tried to calm his nerves. What exactly was happening?! Deep down, Brick knew something sinister might be afoot. There was only one man for the job — Frank had been a hobbyist sleuth since the Streets of Bobba days. So Brick rang him, hoping old Frank would believe him and take the case. After telling Frank about his intergalactic encounter, there was a pause before Brick heard some reassuring words on the line: “Leave it to me, young lad.”

A few days later, a figure in a trench coat and fedora strode through Bar X, reached into his coat, and slapped a dossier on the bar. “You work quickly!” an impressed Brick gasped to Frank as he thumbed through the investigative notes.