The Habbo X Alpha 2

4 min readJun 26, 2023



I am beyond excited to announce that the Habbo X Alpha 2 is launching on July 3rd! We’ve got a spectacular 5-day open house lined up, packed with dynamic games, engaging activities, and a plethora of collectibles and prizes waiting to be won.

But, most importantly we’re also unveiling three game-changing features: Furni Factories, a brand new navigation system, and the much-anticipated NFTC gates 🦾

More details and dates and times of specific activities will follow in the next few days on, but for now, let’s dive into the three amazing features that are going to really enhance the Habbo X experience 👇

Furni Factories for genesis Habbo X rooms

Some of the items you can get from Furni Factory crates.

NOTE: for a full explanation of how Furni Factories work, check this guide.

After their introduction at the launch of Alpha 2, Furni Factories will be a vital and highly sought-after bit of utility for owners of genesis Habbo X rooms. This feature stands to become an integral part of our ecosystem, allowing players to generate Furni Crates on a monthly basis, giving them a HUGE amount of exclusivity. The crates themselves hold a variety of unique items and crafting ingredients, adding an exciting supply and demand element to the gameplay experience.

Check the below graphics to see which which Furni Crates contain which items and the crafting recipes.

Introducing a regular and exclusive supply of elusive items and crafting ingredients will allow this feature to really expand our ecosystem in a distinctive way. Habbo currently lacks mechanisms that enable players to manufacture such exclusive items, making Furni Factories pretty unique for the game as a whole 🤓

NFTC gates in Habbo X

NFTC gates allow owners to charge NFTC — our ecosystem’s digital currency — to enter specific parts of their room.

NOTE: for a full explanation of how NFTC gates work, check this guide.

Habbo has always been about enabling and nurturing innovation, creativity, and player engagement. In line with this, we’re extremely excited to announce an exciting, ground-breaking feature coming to the Habbo X Alpha 2: NFTC gates.

With our new NFTC gates feature, you’ll be able to charge other players an NFTC fee (the currency of the Habbo X ecosystem) for the privilege of testing their skills in the game or activity you’re hosting.

To make things more interesting and to introduce a very real way to earn NFTC, with the prize pool mode people that participate in your games and activities can win back some NFTC. Check this page for a more in-depth explanation of how the prize pool mode works.

This ability to earn a digital currency like NFTC from your skills is still relatively new to the gaming industry, certainly within established games like Habbo. We’re putting the power to earn directly in the hands of our players. Your ingenuity, creativity, and skill can now be turned into tangible rewards, whether you’re a host or a participant!

Earning NFTC through NFTC gates becomes incredibly important as it can be used to purchase unique Habbo items which can also be traded for Ether (ETH). These range from rare and hard to find furni to exclusive badges and clothing items. Essentially, your creativity and skill could help you collect the most coveted items in Habbo 🙌

We cannot wait to see what the community does with these new gates!

The Habbo X navigator

The Habbo X navigator acts as a map, a way to move around Habbo X, and a tool to choose where your room is located inside the game.

NOTE: for a full explanation of how the Habbo X navigator works and where your rooms will be placed in the Habbo X hotel building, please check this guide.

Habbo X consists of a predetermined quantity of rooms — a count we anticipate increasing as we continue to build the game and amass new players. Up until this point, we’ve utilised the existing Habbo Navigator to manage room transitions and logistics. However, we felt that we needed to improve this for Habbo X.

Last year our founder, Muumiopappa, elaborated on the central hotel concept within Habbo X. This hotel will initially have 50 floors and it’ll host the initial batch of rooms we released — those connected to Habbo Avatars and the genesis rooms we released at the end of December 2022. The hotel itself will serve as the focal point for the expansive universe we aspire to develop around it.

At this juncture, the importance of room location within our framework remains minimal. Our current resource allocation and ambitious developmental goals means that it could take us some time to make it matter more within Habbo X.

To explore the capabilities of the new navigator, after Alpha 2 launches you’ll need to visit and initiate the tool from there. You will then be able to deep link to rooms you select from there, much like you can with the rooms section on the Habbo website.