A refined version of the Habbo Avatars trait editing proposal

5 min readMay 15, 2023


Note: in this article we will use the term “crafted avatars” to refer to avatars that are created as the result of crafting two genesis Habbo Avatars together. We’re giving Habbo Avatar owners the option to vote for the name on Snapshot, read below to find out how to take part.

Hey all! 👋

Since we shared an updated trait editing proposal for Habbo Avatars in mid-February, we’ve received a lot of really useful feedback from the community. We’ve now had the time to go through this feedback and come back to you with a refined version.

Changes we’ve made

1. Price to edit and revert, or “de-edit”

This will be reduced to 3,500 NFTC. While there were some positive reactions to the 5,000 NFTC price tag, we decided we wanted to make it more affordable. IMPORTANT: we may update the price in the future depending on the interest towards the feature.

2. Collection cap

We’ve decided to remove the 3,500 cap on the new collection.

3. Habbo X rooms connected to Trippy and Ultra-Trippy avatars

We consider Trippy and Ultra-Trippy Avatars to be the flagship avatars of our collection. Therefore, we think it is important to keep those avatars as part of the genesis Habbo Avatars collection.

So, when a Trippy or Ultra-Trippy avatar is used for creating a new crafted avatar, they will not be burnt, and cannot be used to craft any more avatars. We’ll add a new trait to Trippy and Ultra-trippy avatars that have been used to create a crafted avatar. This trait will be visible on OpenSea and will clearly show it can’t be reverted: either “YES” or “NO”.

It’s for this reason that two things work differently with the Habbo X rooms these avatars are connected to. (Important: before reading the two points below, it’s wise to read about rooms that are connected to Habbo Avatars here.)

  1. Trippy or Ultra-Trippy avatars keep their Habbo X room. This works differently to when you use avatars with Basic, Gold, Diamond or Rainbow effects; rooms connected to those avatars are both transferred to the newly crafted avatar.
  2. If you use a Trippy or Ultra-Trippy avatar to create a crafted avatar, the crafted avatar will get its own, new room as opposed to the one from the Trippy or Ultra-Trippy avatar that was used to create it. Note that if you use two Trippy or Ultra-Trippy avatars to create a crafted avatar, the crafted avatar will get two new Habbo X rooms. More information about rooms connected to Habbo Avatars can be found here.

Due to these reasons, crafted avatars that have one or two new rooms, that is, that were created using one or two Trippy or Ultra-Trippy avatars cannot be burned or reverted. As said, all crafted avatars will have a new trait visible on OpenSea that will denote whether or not it’s revertible or not: either “YES” or “NO”.

4. Protecting our Ultra Trippy avatars

To ensure the trait editor isn’t used to create lookalikes of each of the Ultra Trippy avatars we have in the genesis Habbo Avatars collection, we’ll add some extra rules. For example, Face: Steampunk Robot + Shirt: Cyberpunk Battle Armour + Legs: Cyberpunk Striders + Hue: Desert is blocked and an avatar with those traits cannot be created. Also, we are preventing the creation of exact copies of all avatars. That is, you cannot copy existing genesis Habbo Avatars you own to the new crafted avatars collection.

5. New traits

There was a lot of feedback related to the traits themselves, and how they were distributed across each of the different avatar effect types.

Based on that feedback, we’re adding extra traits — 2x to Basic, 2x to Diamond, and 2x to Rainbow. Some are new, some are taken from Habbo, with the intention of giving avatar owners more options for customisation.

Check the image below 👇

Changes we won’t make

1. Trait editing reversal, or “de-editing”

There were some requests to remove the ability to revert, or “de-edit” your crafted avatars. After internal discussions we decided to keep this option. We decided to do this for four main reasons:

  1. Better long term credit sinks
  2. More opportunities for customisation
  3. Permanent retention of the existing genesis collection
  4. Removes the risk associated with creating the new avatar, as you can always undo it

2. NFTC accumulation

We won’t change the amount of NFTC earned by crafted avatars (it’ll remain at 30 NFTC per day), and they’ll get double claims / airdrops when applicable.

New collection name

We decided that it didn’t make sense to include the word “genesis” in the new crafted avatars collection name. However, we do want to give you input on the final name, so we’ve set up a Snapshot proposal with several options. Voting will be open until 18:00 UTC on May 22nd, 2023. Vote here.


New effect

As promised, all avatar owners that use the trait editor to create a crafted avatar will be able to choose to use a brand new effect.

Note that if you use the trait editor, you’ll still be able to choose from either of two effects the two original avatars from the genesis collection had.

This is what the new effect will look like in-game and on marketplaces like OpenSea:

Release date

We’re excited to announce that the trait editing feature is undergoing rigorous testing by our dedicated QA team. With the upcoming updates, we are committed to delivering a seamless user experience. Our target is to release the complete feature by mid-June, barring any unforeseen major changes that may be required.

Before the full release, we’ll release an updated version of the trait editor for testing purposes. Your feedback is crucial in helping us identify and address any issues or bugs that may arise. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in our Discord if you encounter any problems.

Future additions

  • View avatars used to craft: we want people to be able to see which two genesis Habbo Avatars were used to create a crafted avatar. This will be useful for people when buying crafted avatars, or if they’re looking for specific genesis Habbo Avatar traits.
  • Edit your crafted avatar: we will look into the option of making your crafted avatar editable. Essentially the idea is that you would be able to edit the traits after minting your avatar based on the same rules that were in place when you created it. We may also add some new traits in the future as well. Editing your avatar would cost NFTC. The earliest this would be added is Q4 2023.